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The Sunshine Coast lifestyle is based around the ocean, and what a better way to explore the ocean than with a PWC or Jet ski. Maybe you have considered purchasing a Jet ski in the past but were not quite sure what you would get out of being a jet ski owner. is the investment worth it? just how much you might use it? or even where you might take it? here we list some of the reasons we believe being the owner of a jet ski is a great idea for Sunshine Coast residents.

A Jet Ski costs a lot less than a boat

When you weigh up all the costs a jet ski will always be a far cheaper option for getting you mobile and on the water, not only the initial purchase price but all the little extras such as, petrol, trailer, the tow ball and hitch for the trailer, and also any accessories you wish to purchase into the future. You can also expect better prices for your sunshine coast jet ski repairs and services when you compare that to repairing or servicing of a traditional boat. Simply put, jet skis are a more economical option to get you on the water.

Fun for all

If you are aged 16 and over you can obtain your Queensland marine licence and begin enjoying the Sunshine Coast’s beautiful waterways on your PWC or Jet Ski. Fun for all ages, from kids to retirees and grandma and grandad, most jet skis will be very easy to get the hang of driving and handling so everyone can have a turn. Your jet ski will be the centre piece of fun for the entire family for many years to come.


You might not expect it, but driving a jet ski can be quite a workout depending on the conditions you choose to drive in. Jumping through waves, driving fast and making quick turns requires you to use a lot of muscle you might not have anticipated. If you wish to you can really turn your day out on the jet ski into an adrenalin filled workout.

Relax and Explore

If a heavy workout jumping though waves doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you can always opt for a gentle float down one of the many beautiful waterways you will find on the Sunshine Coast. Imagine cruising to empty estuaries or empty beaches that are difficult to reach by foot. A jet ski can help you discover parts of the Sunshine Coast you never thought existed. Break away from the crowds and go find your own solitude in paradise.


We have noticed that it has become more and more popular for people to fish off their Jet Skis on the Sunshine Coast. Perhaps this is because a Jet ski will be a cheaper option, or perhaps due to the superior freedom and manoeuvrability that a Jet Ski can offer over a traditional boat. Whether you are traditional fishing, or free diving and spear fishing, plenty of people on the Sunshine Coast have been using there jet ski to help find them the catch of the day.

So there you have it 5 reasons why a jet ski is a great asset to own on the Sunshine Coast. We all live on the Sunshine Coast for the ocean lifestyle, and there is no better way to complement this lifestyle than with your very own PWC or Jet Ski.

Remember if your are wanting to keep your jet ski in perfect condition it is important to give your jet ski services regularly. A few dollars spent in the short term maintaining your jet ski can ensure years of like new running conditions. In the unfortunate case that you need some jet ski repairs, we have the experience to repair or maintenance your ski, to keep you out there enjoying the water.

Here at Sunshine Coast Power Sports, we have a fully qualified team of Sunshine Coast Jet Ski maintenance and repair technicians ready too look after your investment. Call us Today, with years of experience servicing jet skis one of our friendly team would love to answer any questions you might have about your jet ski!